Aishwarya Yoshi

Hi! Im Aishwarya, I´m Yoga professional Yoga Teacher since 2019

I teaching Hatha Yoga , Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. You can book a class online . 

I enthusiastically completed my 200 YTT in Kerala in 2019.  yoga is my life  Since my YTT I have been giving yoga courses online.  My courses are very individually designed.  We begin by chanting a mantra.  Next up is warm up then yoga practice and then pranayama.  I will explain the asanas to you in great detail.  We focus on individual body regions or asanas in each lesson.  I will correct you while you practice the asanas.  We end the lesson by singing a mantra and I give you homework for the next lesson.  

You can book individual hours.  We can also create an individual program for you.

Pure Yoga is your Individual online Yoga Class.

Benefits of Online Yoga
A word of Caution

Do these under the supervision of yoga instructor.